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The advanced High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology resident in the Sonablate
® 500 originated over 25 years ago at the Indiana University Medical Centre, and has been developed at leading research centres across the United States, Europe and Japan

HIFU is state-of-the-art technology utilizing the power of ultrasound to destroy deep seated tissue without affected the surrounding healthy tissue. The HIFU energy is focused sharply from the transducer surface to the targeted tissue in the prostate. Temperature is elevated in the targeted tissue up to 90°C within one second causing cell death. The treatment consists of placing HIFU lesions (each requiring on ly a few seconds to create) side-by-side until the entire desired volume is treated.

Now the urologist can plan the treatment under ultrasound image guidance, target the prostate and monitor the therapy, all using a simple transducer and probe. This design provides maximum precision, flexibility, safety and control for the clinician.

Sonablate 500
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An overlapping pattern of HIFU lesions covers the entire treatment volume, while ultrasound imaging
and realtime temperature monitoring near the
rectal wall ensure safety.
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